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Re: What would your reaction be if TNA turned PG?

Originally Posted by TNAmarkFromIndia View Post
How? The product right now is pretty much PG anyway. .
maybe back in the early ninties but this is 2012, you can sue anybody for anything nowadays
Originally Posted by Roncaglione View Post
PG isn't the issue it is bad writing and over exposure.
this is what Maffew would say

Originally Posted by TNAmarkFromIndia View Post
Because times have changed. And also because I think what works (i.e. what is cool or relevant) and what doesn't in the professional wrestling/sports entertainment business is dictated by WWE. When WWE is kid-friendly, professional wrestling is expected to be the same as well. TNA doesn't have the power to spark a revolution in the way the business works. Having a TV-14 show wouldn't help them gain enough sponsors because wrestling is now expected to be family friendly because that is what WWE is. When WWE was TV-14, it worked because WWE was... well, WWE. They were big and still relevant and they made the adult themes cool. I don't think a casual young wrestling fan today would want to watch TNA because they now expect it to be less edgy and a lot cleaner like WWE. I'm not suggesting TNA should do it because WWE does it. You wanted an answer to your question and I gave one. I personally prefer a clean product because being "edgy" has kind of run its course and I feel maybe it's time to move on.
or maybe its time to be aware that MONOPOLYS ARE ALWAYS BAD!! Didja ever think of that?

besides TNA do or at least did have the power to spark something, they just aren't as vicious as Vince and won't do it

i want clean too, just one thats more like a professional sport

Kids want to stay clean and not be edgy? WHAT TIME PERIOD ARE YOU FROM?!
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