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Re: Oh Dear Ryback... [the botches]

Originally Posted by Iormungand View Post
Well Ryback has actually done it, on Smackdown, also the differences between the Attitude Adjustment and Shell Shocked are enormous. Ryback has to deadlift his opponent, then march around with him on his shoulders - John Cena just has to crouch down, lay them over his back, lock it in, stand up and then the hardest part is rolling them off onto the mat. the Attitude Adjustment requires less overall strength to achieve, but still requires a substantial amount to keep himself stable and safely throw them off their shoulders.

also you are right when comparing the size of John and Ryback, however John Cena is only 2 inches shorter and weights about 40 lbs less, so I'd say that Ryback is larger but not 10 times as much (though I understand it was an exaggeration so no worries). Point is that the Shell Shocked requires excess force just to lift the guy up to slam him down in a way that looks less impressive than the feat of actually lifting.
please stop trying to make excuses for your hero ryback. Simple fact is he messed up and there is no 2 ways around it. If he was so strong like his body suggests then he could lift tensai easily like others have but he didn't.

He might have done on smackdown but who cares, he didn't on raw and that's what we are talking about here.

Cena is still the #1 guy in the business
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