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Re: WF GOAT Rapper Tournament Round 1

Originally Posted by Notorious View Post
I've already stated before that I don't agree with Dr. Dre making it on the list.

LOL at Andre 3K barely being a rapper because he sings, Andre is one of the most consistent rappers to this day. Hardly does Andre ever have a bad verse, and yes he's a better rapper than Big Boi.

I don't think Kanye should be in the top 10, but if I'm picking 32 of the greatest rappers ever yes I would include Kanye, that's just my personal opinion.

Also LOL at you thinking people only voted Scarface & Andre 3000 because they've been in movies, if that's case then why didn't Will Smith make it? The reason they made is they're both great rappers, as well as Black Thought. You don't think guys like Scarface, Andre 3000 & Black Thought deserve to be on the list but the typical elitist hip-hop underground favorites like Immortal Technique, Vinny Paz & R.A. the Rugged Man should be?
Again, you missed my point. Andre is hardly a guy who deserves on the list. He ventured out of music and people then think he was great. He was never that gerat in outkast.What makes me laugh is how people poked fun at me picking a guy who has 2-3 albums and was more of only a group act yet put in Andre who only has 0 solo albums. His style is completely different from actual rap while his partner was more the rapper. Andre was a soul guy ,RNB type . Again, it depends on the criteria which I even mentioned that in my post

Originally Posted by Choke2Death View Post
Scarface was on TV? I didn't know about that. The reason I think highly of him is because he's undoubtedly the greatest gangsta rapper along with Ice Cube and the greatest rapper to come from the south. He's made classic upon classic albums, been part of the one of the greatest groups in Geto Boys, has longevity, amazing storytelling abilities, laid the foundation for "mafioso rap" (a style Kool G Rap mastered later) and more that I wont bother pointing out since that was enough to prove he's fully deserving of being in the list over no names like Copywrite.

And any credibility you had was destroyed the moment you mentioned Eric B. Need I remind you that he was NOT a rapper? Hell, some people are not even sure if he produced the albums with Rakim and you are out here mentioning him because it somehow makes you look cool and "knowledgeable". And rarely you'll find a bigger Run DMC fan than me but face it, they are NOT worthy of a "greatest rapper list". For one, they were a GROUP and like the Beastie Boys, only worked to perfection as one. Neither Run nor DMC have anything to boast about when it comes to solo careers or at least solo performing. Their rapping style was pretty much them rapping together every verse, not to mention, despite making classic music, their rhyme schemes were basic as fuck and would never land them in a "greatest rappers" list as standalone acts. Now as a group... Run DMC is at least in the top 5!

I think Guru, Slick Rick and Kool G Rap deserved to be in the list, specially over trash like Kanye but that's a different story.
Ya Scarface has been on tv, mid-late 90's guy people love. I don't think he deserves on the list, simple as that. There's more deserving. I mentioned Eric B, for the simple reason as what he and Rakim did for hiphop. I think he deserves some credit. Now I don't think he's the greatest, I put him the list simply because as far as old school guys he should get some credit. Thats all, I never was implying he should be ON this list, just that he's MORE deserving than a guy like Kanye. You mention groups why is Andre 3000 on it then? He has no solo albums.

Mentioning 1 name should never shutdown what someone says thats horrible logic considering missing the point completely. People miss my point entirely. They saw that I trashed the list and just want me to say"these guys are the only greatest of all times" when I never once said that.
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