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Re: TEW2013 Announced

Show Ratings
#60: Upgraded Show Ratings

The way final show ratings are calculated has been upgraded in TEW2013.

In previous games, the rating was calculated by creating an initial rating based on the match grades (usually 70% of the main event, 20% of the penultimate match, and 10% of the average of the rest) and then tweaking that slightly based on the angle ratings. While there is nothing wrong with this approach per se, it does force every promotion to concentrate predominantly on matches as they provide the majority of the points.

The new method better incorporates angles by using a two-fold system.

Firstly, an overall angle rating is now created based on a similar method to the matches; it is usually made up of 70% of the best angle rating, 20% of the second best, and 10% of the third best. Obviously these ratios change if there are less than three angles.

Secondly, and crucially, the overall grade is then created by looking at how the show was split (in terms of time) between matches and angles. So if a one hour show featured half an hour of matches and half an hour of angles, the overall rating would be made up of 50% of the overall match rating plus 50% of the overall angle rating.

This is a key change because it means that promotions have far more leeway in how they operate; a company that can pump out great angles but features awful matches had little chance in previous games, whereas in TEW2013 they will be able to operate like that and still have the chance to thrive. It also fundamentally alters the game world, as it means that great entertainers who are poor in the ring are no longer considerably less valuable than great wrestlers who are dull, as they can provide a much bigger positive impact on shows.
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