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Re: Fourteen year old strangles new born

Originally Posted by Rush View Post
I'm sorry, but a) do you not consider giving birth in a bathroom as a great length to go to hide a pregnancy? and b) do you not consider a teenage pregnancy to be a complicated issue? jesus christ
Uh, I actually asked YOU to think about her method of giving birth because it was so primitive and barbaric. It is going to great lengths, but it is NOT going to great lengths to HIDE the pregnancy as you claim. It should be so damn obvious to any parent in the history of the world if their daughter is carrying a newborn in them at 6-9 months. I mean, think about how big those "baggy" clothes would have to be to hide a baby on her small frame. You'd have to take a shirt off of Rick Ross.

If I had a daughter, I'd like to think that I'd be a good enough and involved parent to recognize a full term pregnancy.

As far as leniency goes, yeah being raped could maybe knock a bit off her lengthy jail sentence. It doesn't excuse the fact she murdered her baby. Thinking of a hypothetical situation to make this girl appear in a better light is ridiculous. She likely wasn't raped, she deserves no sympathy here and the fact you're conceiving scenarios in which she's a victim is utterly ridiculous.
It sure doesn't. She needs to be punished and make her realize that there are consequences for her actions. I'm just saying to all the people who want her tried as an adult or to kill her or whatever that 14 years old is a long, long way from adult level thinking. If she had taken this to an abortion clinic 4 months ago it would've been perfectly legal and the fetus just as alive as it was when she strangled him.
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