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Re: What da hell happened to Sheamus?

Too many Sheamus threads... I'm getting mad having to repeat the same over and over and over. But I agree with the OP.

Brogue Kick says not everybody has to be serious. OK. Big Show is an excellent smiling face. Rey Mysterio is a very good smiling face. Zack Ryder is a passable smiling face. But Sheamus? Sheamus can be funny when he's the barbarian who suddenly cracks a joke and nobody expected that.

However, Sheamus needs to be The Celtic Warrior. That's the gimmick he created, that's the gimmick people loved and that's the gimmick that suits him. How I said in another thread, the brute inspired by Celtic mythology and History, not the lame corny guy who makes terrible jokes, smiles and talks about being a bully.

Is Orton boring? Maybe, it's your opinion. But anyway he's hugely over with the crowd because he's not a generic happy-go-lucky babyface but a psycho badass that RKOs anyone who opposes him. That kind of faces are necesary because the product need variety. Triple H, Undertaker and Kane have been huge faces despite not having happy-go-lucky characters. If you turn Cena into a smiling corny guy, CM Punk into a smiling corny guy(when he was face), and Sheamus into a smiling corny guy, the result is the crowd cheering the heels.

That's not a "Sheamus should be heel". I think Sheamus can be a great face. But the gimmick that fits him is the Celtic Warrior. The intimidating Irish laoch.

One more time: bring back the crossos, the cloak and the fiery red hand from FCW, the wild look, the black and green colours, drop the Great White moniker and the goody-twho-shoes attitude, and carry a battle axe to the ring like when he was Sheamus O'Shaunessy. Even the facepaint would be welcome, at least by me.
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