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Re: Fourteen year old strangles new born

Originally Posted by GlassBreaks View Post
And you talk about stupidity?

How does rape have nothing to do with it? That's a severely traumatic event. What if she was raped by a family member and was trying to keep it a secret? The girl was so fucking scared to tell her parents that she bit down on a towel and ran water to give birth with no medication in the toilet. Think about that. A 13 year old girl taking such primitive measures to "cover" this up. There are fully developed women who cannot give birth without medication.

All I'm saying is that there has to be a lot more to this story. Don't go crucifying the girl just yet.

EDIT: If anyone needs to be charged here, it's the parents. It boggles the mind how a 14 year old child can undergo 9 months of pregnancy unnoticed. Like, really?
I'm not arguing that rape isn't a traumatic event. I am fully aware that a great deal of rapes go unreported, and especially so if its by a family member. However, at the age of 14 she a) didn't tell anyone, b) took great lengths to cover up the fact she was pregnant whilst she was pregnant, and during labour, then c) brutally murdered her baby and tried to hide the body. Even if she was raped this involves a certain level of prior thinking and planning. Potentially being raped does not excuse her actions. They are truly horrific.

ftr she is being tried as an adult and apprently the baby's father is a juvenile.

Originally Posted by Karma101 View Post
It's just the truth really, unless there is something you want to tell me about.
Basically what you're saying is that you condone murder

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