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Re: Batista takes a shot at the Miz in MMA interview

Originally Posted by Kentonbomb View Post
Steriods don't give you big muscles. It just makes it easier. You still have to work for them. Batista is a former bodybuilder, he probably doesn't need steriods. Thats not to say he didn't use them, maybe he did. But there's been no proof and I don't see why WWE would out a guy like Randy Orton and not Batista. It's besides the point anyway; roid user or not, Batista > Miz anyday.
I know what steroids do, but my question was why doesn't Batista look like a juicer? Since you said that he doesn't look like one you must be able to say what a juicer looks like, otherwise your statement is completely nonsensical. If I took that picture to the gym and said that it was a clean athlete I'd probably be laughed at.

And that he's a bodybuilder is hardly an argument for him not having to juice. That's the dirtiest "sport" in the world when it comes to that. And why would WWE out someone if he doesn't fail a test? It's not that hard to cheat the tests, which we see by many athletes that become the best in their sports and far later get exposed for having been cheating the entire time. There's been many such scandals, especially in the US.

As for Batista as a wrestler he's not the kind that I enjoy to watch. I prefer technical guys. I'm no Miz fan either but that Batista criticized him for caring how his hair looks and that he's oiled up was a hilariously hypocritical thing.

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