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Re: Fourteen year old strangles new born

Originally Posted by Makaveli View Post
No, trust me, I don't. I have experience in this department and I know how some 14 year old girls operate FTMP.
Oh, really? You have experience in this department and just graduated high school. :shaq

Here's a newsflash: I graduated high school, too. It didn't give me any sort of insight into the immaturity of teenagers because, well, I was one, too. In the immortal words of Jim Mora: "You think you know, but you just don't know."

The search for approval, hormones, insecurity, etc. Girls today "grow up" at a much faster rate and virginities are being lost at a younger and younger age. I just graduated high school last year and I know what goes on. There was a large number of freshmen and sophomores who had lost their virginity and still some with active sex lives. The girl likely had consensual sex though rape would make a lot of sense here as it would make sense as to why she was so fucked up in the head.
Then there are a lot more underlying tones here than we think there are.

Consensual sex through rape?

Uh, what?

Surely you're not trying to say that she gave a male who was a minimum of 4 years older than her consent to have sex with her and you classify that as "okay"? That's rape. Period. The age of consent in Florida is 18. Fucking 18. We might be looking at a girl who was raped at 13 years old here. A 13 or 14 year old child cannot consent to sex with someone older than 17 in Florida. Simply cannot do it.

If the dude is less than 18 or not a family member that she gave consent to, well, she's just fucked up. There are consequences for having sex.

And for the record, I don't think a 17 year old or 16 year old, who tends to be in the latter stages of puberty, needs to be sleeping with a 13 year old who's just starting it, anyway. I'm in no way giving approval of some 17 year old impregnating a 13 year old.

But the law permits that.

It's really no different than a late term abortion, though. Why aren't you out there protesting that?

Originally Posted by Rush View Post

How does rape have any influence on this whatsoever? It has nothing to do with anything.
And you talk about stupidity?

How does rape have nothing to do with it? That's a severely traumatic event. What if she was raped by a family member and was trying to keep it a secret? The girl was so fucking scared to tell her parents that she bit down on a towel and ran water to give birth with no medication in the toilet. Think about that. A 13 year old girl taking such primitive measures to "cover" this up. There are fully developed women who cannot give birth without medication.

All I'm saying is that there has to be a lot more to this story. Don't go crucifying the girl just yet.

EDIT: If anyone needs to be charged here, it's the parents. It boggles the mind how a 14 year old child can undergo 9 months of pregnancy unnoticed. Like, really?

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