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Re: **The Official Raw Ratings Thread** (Discuss Ratings In Here)

Originally Posted by Tnmore View Post
Not really. He's reliable, with such short amount of push(it has been what 6 months right? and most of them were local jobbers), he's proved that he can draw even at random quarters. Like I said before, we dont really know if he can draw or not until they actually put the title on him.
Jesus, he drew. 'Drew' is not the same as 'draw.' The last couple of weeks has seen Ryback lose viewers where he's been utilised as a standalone figure. Since I know such numbers aren't much more than an indication of the performer reception for company insiders, I'm confident in saying that that's nothing to be too concerned about if you're hoping for a Ryback push. However, in a thread where posters appear to have this mindset that viewership numbers must go through the roof in every possible segment I figured I'd follow suit and voice concerns over his current 'appeal.'

Slapping the title on Ryback to 'see if he's a draw' is the sort of management that's a key problem with current WWE. There's a lack of continuity in the company, as well as a discernibly even level of performers that can be accepted by audiences without being forced over others and fear any sort of backlash. The reason he's generally 'quite liked' around here is because the guy has had his weaknesses masked, strengths accentuated and has a character that's somewhat of a change of pace in this era.

As champion he's going to have to start carrying segments and working promos of high importance, become a prominent media figure to represent the company, and work matches of main event caliber. I cannot see this guy do anything of the sort because he hasn't exhibited any outstanding or particularly strong qualities that make him stand out as someone that will specifically sought after by a large enough number of outsider fans to be considered a draw.

He will bring what Batista or Goldberg brought to the table. A powerhouse brute who's unstoppable. People love that kinda stuff as proven in the past, he can be a big draw if pushed right. That "stereotypical image" is something that exists only among the internet fans and wrestling hardcores to a degree, casuals dont care so its irrelevant.
Do you like that stuff? You're an internet fan as well so we can discuss it in proper context. In regards to your comparisons with Batista and Goldberg. I'm sorry but looking at those three three shoulder to shoulder will not work out in his favour. Goldberg came at a time where his appeal could be exploited for all that was possible, and Batista was the beneficiary of fantastic, inspired booking that's distinctly lacking from today's product.

On a surface level, the guy is currently a second-rate continuation to both these wrestlers and comes up short in most of their identifiable assets and renowned traits. Casuals see it as well and are already comparing Ryback to those sort of characters with tepid receptions. Continuations that are only a couple of years spanned apart from each are not destined for great feats unless they possess a hook or uniquely specialized trait the original lacked.

If you truly concerned about casual appeal and not just doing it to justify your hatred of certain wrestlers, then I'm afraid you may be disappointed to find that there's little appeal in wrestling to a larger audiences to draw in large quantities of viewers and consumers. It'll take something of extraordinary appeal to get people of modern culture to care about professional wrestling. Current Ryback is very, very unlikely to be anything extraordinary and has proven very little aside from possessing a badass look.

I hope he can improve in all areas as I do every performer. However, unless he becomes an extraordinarily popular brand in himself stemming from some sort of fantastic market pitch (as that's all he is based off after all: appearances), despite the company not doing much right in that area outside of one or two instances he'll be seen by a large enough portion of the audience as many do here to undermine him: a second-rate, one-dimensional and plain ol' boring continuation of roided up freaks who live under the stigma of being dimwitted. He may well become a viewership success in time, but it isn't going to change the current lack of interest outside of the established fan group. No individual can at this moment in time.

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