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Re: It's pretty clear who is going to win the RR

Originally Posted by Stall_19 View Post
You think Ziggler is going into Mania as Champ? I like Ziggler but I don't see him heading into Mania as champion. I expect him to be in a throwaway match. It's clear only part timers and top people will be in non throw away matches.
Well Ryback's not beating Sheamus for the title, that's for damn sure. Especially within the time his matches last. Daniel Bryan went into Mania as WHC, it's not exactly hard anymore. Especially since it's probably going to keep opening the show.

Sheamus is probably going to face Punk non title. They essentially set that up when Punk beat Sheamus cheaply at WWE Main Event and Sheamus said they'd meet again and Punk would get Brogue Kicked. Sheamus beats Punk at Mania and that's a higher profile win for him than retaining the world title against some midcarder. Ziggler jobs to Ryback and Vince goes home happy while everybody else says "why did I order this piece of shit?"

111 - Jessica Jones & Hunger Games Part 3 Part 2

Another week another this show we do. This week we're all about Marvel's new Netflix series Jessica Jones as well as the last Hunger Games movie. Plus Peter Jackson on the failures of The Hobbit, Wonder Woman, more Riddick stuff, Justice League Dark and Shrek for some reason.

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