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Re: Avatar Universe Mafia- game thread

Doc was walking down a alley when all of a sudden 2 fire benders showed up and fire blasted him to death.

He was
Spoiler for doc:
Congratulations, you are

Lin Beifong- Avatar Aligned

You are the Daughter of Toph Beifong and the leader of the police force. At first you oppose Korra becuase she is reckless but when shit starts to get real you become a supporter of her. Becuase you're the leader of the police force you are The Cop. Each night you may pm the name of a player and i will tell you if what their allignment is.

You win when all threats to The Avatar are eliminated

Good luck

Mikey walked away feeling good that one more town was down when all of a sudden his muscles seized up and he couldn't breath anymore. he passed out and died.
Spoiler for mikey:
congratulations you are

Ty Lee-Fire Nation Aligned

You are one of Azula's only friends and a skilled gymnist. you use these skills to block the chi of the other benders. making them lose their powers for a short time. this makes you the role blocker. you can send me the name of someone each night and they won't be able to use their role.

Here is your qt.

You win when all threats to the Fire nation are eliminated or you control 50% of the vote

with 5 alive it takes 3 to lynch.

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