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Re: Fourteen year old strangles new born

Originally Posted by Karma101 View Post
No I'm just making sense out of the situation, she has done something very wrong and she should be punished severely however I don't think anybody else here has been in the same situation as her therefore we don't know what we would've done.

Killing or maiming her in any way certainly isn't an option.
I WOULD know what I would do: seek help. Even if the parents would disown her or outcast her it's irrelevant. You tell someone and you WILL get help ESPECIALLY as a 14 year old girl. Tell a teacher, a friend's parent, a stranger on the street even. You could even walk into the hospital and ask someone for help because at the core, most of us are understanding, rational individuals and if faced with something like this we would most definitely ensure the girl's well being.

Originally Posted by Phrederic View Post
I wouldn't call it sympathy. I'd call it empathy. No action is without motivation, and most motivations, while flawed, have a variety of logic behind them.

And I have a problem with people throwing stones. It's easy to point out the mistakes of others and forget your own.
I will absolutely throw stones. There is not a single circumstance under which this is okay.

Originally Posted by GlassBreaks View Post
While I agree with you, I think that you severely underestimate how stupid and immature people, especially girls, can be at 14.
No, trust me, I don't. I have experience in this department and I know how some 14 year old girls operate FTMP.

What really needs to be in question here is what would give a 14 year old the thought to have sex PERIOD, much more to have sex without a condom? Has there been any investigation as how she got pregnant in the first place? Has the possibility of rape been ruled out? I'm not making excuses for the girl and I'm as right wing as they come, but more investigation needs to be done here.
The search for approval, hormones, insecurity, etc. Girls today "grow up" at a much faster rate and virginities are being lost at a younger and younger age. I just graduated high school last year and I know what goes on. There was a large number of freshmen and sophomores who had lost their virginity and still some with active sex lives. The girl likely had consensual sex though rape would make a lot of sense here as it would make sense as to why she was so fucked up in the head.

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