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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Yeah so.... I fucked up and accidentally gave HHH-Jack **** 3/4 instead of the rightful full boat which means it's the greatest WWE Championship match ever :hhh

NEW LIST TIME! (Note: These matches aren't nearly as impressive as the one's on the WWE Championship list, so if you say WTF for the first 15 that I drop right now, don't worry because there's not much else I could actually put there... It's only been 10 years. Just like Cena basically dominating my WWE Championship list, I was surprised as to who actually has the most appearances on this list...Well not THAT surprised...It's not HHH, promise )

The Top 75 World Heavyweight Championship Matches : 75-61


Edge vs Jeff Hardy (Judgment Day 2009) : ***


The Undertaker vs Chris Jericho vs The Big Show (Survivor Series 2009) : ***


Rey Mysterio vs JBL (Judgment Day 2006) : ***


Sheamus vs Alberto Del Rio (Night of Champions 2012) : ***


CM Punk vs Jeff Hardy (The Bash 2009) : ***


CM Punk vs The Undertaker (Breaking Point 2009) : ***


CM Punk vs Batista (Great American Bash 2008) : ***


Kurt Angle vs Rey Mysterio vs Randy Orton (Wrestlemania XXII) : ***


Triple H vs Batista (Wrestlemania XXI) : ***


Triple H vs Randy Orton vs Shawn Michaels vs Kevin Nash vs Chris Jericho vs Goldberg (Elimination Chamber ; Summerslam 2003) : ***


Batista vs JBL (Streetfight ; Summerslam 2005) : ***


Daniel Bryan vs The Big Show vs Mark Henry (Cage ; Royal Rumble 2012) : ***


John Cena vs JBL (Royal Rumble 2009) : *** 1/4


John Cena vs Edge vs The Big Show (Wrestlemania XXV) : *** 1/4


The Undertaker vs Edge (TLC ; One Night Stand 2008) : *** 1/4

Love alot of those matches, mainly the WM 21 & 22 matches, the Batista-JBL Streetfight, and The Undertaker-Edge TLC Match. That gets bumped up alot because of the insane bump Taker took. A legend like him had no reason to take that bump other than to give us our money's work. I know alot of the spots were obvious, but DAMN that match is entertaining. Some stuff I don't particularly love on here so far, but shit starts getting AWESOME very soon.

OH, and for the record... The top appearances on my top 100 WWE Championship Matches Ever...

12.... Punk/Bret/Shawn

13.... Austin/Rock

14.... Taker/Angle

20.... HHH

25.... John Cena

Most matches at **** 1/4+ (That defines a classic IMO, so most classics) go as follows :

6... Austin/Lesnar/Taker

7... HHH/Cena/Bret

8... Kurt Angle ? That blows my mind actually.

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