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Re: Official World Of Sport (British Wrestling 1970s-1980s) Appreciation Thread

Dynamite Kid vs Marty Jones 83-02-05

Right from the start Iím going to agree with Segunda Caida. From all the WOS matches I have seen so far this is the most violent, Dynamite Kid plays a great heel role in this match with the headbutts and stiff strikes heís throwing at Marty Jones and even smashing the head of Jones into the turnbuckle, Jones gets back on top of the match though after throwing Dynamite kid out of the ring.

The first fall of the match up comes in round three when Jones catches Dynamite in a nice rollup, Dynamite keeps playing the great heel role by jumping up after the pinfall and striking Jones right in the kidney

The second fall opens with Dynamite putting out his head for Jones to shack it which really gets the crowd going, Jones goes of the handshake and gets a kick to the gut for his effect, very nicely done. After Dynamite picks up a public warning its Jones turn to go on the attack with some stiff strikes before locking in a Boston crab on Dynamite which Dynamite gets out of when he kicks Jones right in the kidney. Start of the firth round is really good with Dynamite kicking Jones when heís down in the corner before Jones sends Dynamite front first into the opposites turnbuckle with a hard Irish whip, Even when the round ended Dynamite wouldnít let up on Jones kicking in squash in the head before sticking him a headbutt.

In the sixth round Dynamite gets his second public warning for a kick to the face of Jones when he is down, he follows this up with a diving headbutt and a scoop slam to take the second fall of the match to level it squash at one a piece, The crowd not happy about that at all.

Final fall sees a bloody Jones being much more aggressive a few back and forth upper cuts sees Jones fall down and Dynamite once again going for the diving headbutt but this time missing before Jones sends them both over the top rope with a crossbody and hitting a drop kick from the top rope,

Jones finally gets the win from a very nice counter.


Very good match, great heel showing from Dynamite that really hand the crowd going almost right from the start, I donít know to much about Jones right now I think this is the first match I have seen from him so Iím not going to talk about him until I see more.

Hopefully Iíll get some more matches watched when I get back home tonight, and maybe posted some reviews of matches that havenít been posted yet.

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