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Re: Cody Rhodes Puts over CM Punk as the Best in the biz!

Originally Posted by moon25 View Post
LOL, yes punk is an ass kisser, he's IWC's ass kisser, saying the product sucks? that's an ass kissing, he knows IWC hates the product so he acts like he cares about them, while in realty he just fooling them and making him self famous, can't he make himself famous without breaking kayfabe? He always breaks kayfabe and says something to satisfy the IWC and acts like he cares about the new talents, while in realty he cares about himself getting over with the IWC. Yes I know what ass kissing means.
I wouldn't be surprised if he kisses Vince's ass too, he is the most protected wrestler right now. I seriously didn't expect anyone can beat super Sheamus, but guess what? Super punk defeated him, WE HAVE A NEW SUPERMAN PEOPLE!!

That's all I even need to say to that post. Just

Originally Posted by scrilla View Post
yeah i agree. it was more of a comparison/analogy really. i don't think Punk could necessarily be classified as a cult icon either. at least not on a major scale. maybe within the wrestling community he is. it was more of a comparison. basically cena is mainstream and punk is cult.
He's not even really mainstream, though. Who the fuck knows Cena outside wrestling? He's the least popular face of the company I've seen yet (at least in terms of a true face of the company and not a makeshift one like HBK in 96), he doesn't have the visibility of a Rock in the least. If he did, he'd be out of here by now. He's only a remarkably big draw compared to any other wrestler today because the kids don't know any better, I don't think many non wrestling fans can point out who that fool is in the pink hat on the Fruity Pebbles box.

"Young wrestlers, those of you hoping to make a career of this and get into this business somehow, I cannot stress this enough, be as tall as you can" - Vinny V on Baron Corbin

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