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Re: Noyk: Fucking or chastity, which is it then?

Eh, just woke up to see this.

Okay, let's analise how ironical and idiotic this rant is:

So, you have the trouble to go trough 1 month of my posting, to create a Rant questioning about my real-life sexual activity, which by the way you wrote "Are your 'own' pictures even of you?". Does it iterest you that much, knowing if a guy bangs or doesn't bang frequently, especially since by your logic; might be nothing but a username and some pixels on an Internet computer?
But I can assure you that is indeed me in real life, believe it or not. I'm not ashamed to show myself like some people *cough*.

And another thing; how far do you think I would go when it comes to talk about my personal life/relationships on an online forum? How pathetic would that be, if I just let it all out, and created a 15-paragraph post/thread about my personal life 100% word-to-word?
Stuff like this, I talk with real-life friends, not usernames on my screen.
But funny enough, one of those quotes is actually true, I'm sure you'll get to a conclusion on which one.
Let me ask you something, and I'm not saying that this is the case or not, like I said I talk little truth about myself in real life, but anyway; did it ever ocur to you that in this month that has passed, 'something' might have happened?
Oh wait, I should have made a thread/post like this if it did happen, right?:

"Hey WrestlingForum! I have wonderfull news!!!"

I just got laid today for the first time in a while! I'm so happy! Share your thoughts about this!"

Because everything that "someone who you don't even know it's him" posts in an Internet Forum surely happened, and should be questioned.

I also claimed I have a crush on JoJo, and I am engaged to Hannah Minx, are you going to make a Rant about if I am double-dating or not? And if you think that it's true, then thanks, the bolded part just makes me a god among this forum, and I'm sure alot of people would agree if they know who I am talking about.

If we all took what people post here word by word, can you imagine how we would all look like, and be in real life?

But yeah, I really shouldn't have expected something intelligent coming from you, after all you're the guy who thinks a University student who has a part-time job at McDonald's is trash, doesn't deserve any respect, and just because he likes Nickelback that by your opinion, is a shitty band, automatically makes him a shitty person as well.
And might I add; complains that alot of people 'ruin' and 'derail' threads, yet you stalked someone in two threads to begin an argument about something completely off-topic.

All of this probably coming from a grown-ass man in his mid-life crisis, that still used "your mom" jokes, and who the only person that cares about him is that bartender from that same bar you go to evrerynight, who you think that listens to your 1-hour complaint crying on how sad and pathetic your life is, but the only reason he cares about you is because you spend 80% of your salary from your 'real job', and drown your sorrows and failures everynight with alchool.

Look what I just did there, just like you, I speculated someone's real life based on his posts on the Internet, it seems like a fun thing to do right?

Phew, that sure warmed up my fingers for the massive school work I must do today.

Anyway, if I could sum all of this into one 'reaction' word:


Everything you do in life echoes throughout eternity. ★

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