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Re: **The Official Raw Ratings Thread** (Discuss Ratings In Here)

Originally Posted by Rock316AE View Post
Like Foley last week, JR did the peak of the show this week(Horrendous number anyway). JR was always a big TV draw, which most of the time hasn't worked in his favor because Vince used this excuse against him. Other than that, Big Show/Sheamus did second biggest as expected and the overrun, which if I'm not mistaken was lower than last week, did probably the worst overrun number in the history of RAW.

As for the Vince situation, like vanboxmeer explained perfectly a few pages ago, Stephanie is Vince without the ambition, the business mind, the creative sense and the order management ability. She's completely clueless and one of the reasons this company is on an hourglass.
Everything you say is questionable, I hate the fact that you dismiss Punk as if he doesn't exist. Your hate is way too stupid actually, even if the guy had a huge success you will find a way to make an excuse and try your hardest to label the success to his opponent. Dude Orton can't draw, I already proved it, he lost in the overrun with Trips, and got the lowest ratings in 2010 as a WWE champion were others did much better ratings in the exact same year, and also got the lowest ratings on SD as a champion with a 1.63 and when Christian won the title he raised ratings to 2.2 and when Orton won it back he strikes again with another low rating 1.78, nobody wants to see this boring guy on SD and ratings doesn't get effected if he isnt there instead it actaully rises. No, it isn't the lowest gain of all time kid, whats with you everything is lowest of all time when it comes to Cm Punk, as you don't show facts when infact many did worst including Orton, Cena, Hardy etc. Show/Sheamus was actaully a poor gain as its the time were people actually tune in mostly. Last week it was near a million viewers the guy that supposed to be the worst of all time, when infact that segement was about him and he gained a lot not only last week, also in the previous year and still can. One more thing Orton highest gain this year was with the worst of all time Punk when they had a match and when it comes in other times Orton lose tons of viewers that if I'm not mistaken. Making excuses and blaming his opponent for not being intresting enough to gain viewers when infact it wasnt the only time, it happened mostly all the time because if he doesnt face guys like Show or Punk he doesnt draw shit as the weekly breakdowns can prove it. Most of the time you're a pathetic excuse of a poster, arent you the guy who said Show has great mic skills.

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