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Re: WWE.com asks fans who would win- Austin or Punk...

Originally Posted by lilblasta View Post
You say you are a fan, yet you don't want to see a match because Austin in your mind wont draw any money? WTF kind of fan are you? Someone has to make money for you to want to see them wrestle? Why do you even care how much money a match will make anyway? You aren't the promoter, you wont be seeing a dime of it. You are no fan.

Even IF 'oh it wont be a draw' were a valid argument for a FAN not wanting to see a match, if a Punk Austin match ever happened, it would be at WM 30, once Austin's knee has had enough time to properly heal, and the rock/lesnar or rock/cena match won't be the top billed match on the card, Austin-Punk would be.
You're in NO position to tell me that. I'm more of a fan than you are because I actually care about what's BEST for the performers, and it's best for both of them that this match doesn't happen.

The reason I care about it drawing is because it's NOT going to be the main event unless it draws the kind of money that Austin was drawing in his prime, that's the only way, or it gets stuck in the midcard. Punk NEEDS to main event WrestleMania, and I'm not willing to watch Austin throw away his return on a midcard match. And yes, even if it's at WrestleMania 30, it'll STILL be midcard because any match that Cena has automatically takes precedence for WWE, not to mention a Streak match if Undertaker's still around and isn't facing Cena would go ahead of it too. Do you REALLY want to see Punk vs Austin in the same slot as Punk vs Jericho was in this year? What a disrespectful slap in the face to both men, and I'm the one who's not a fan? Hahaha.

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