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Re: WF GOAT Rapper Tournament Round 1

Originally Posted by Stinger Fan View Post
Yet you don't agree on Dr.Dre? The guy who had Snoop write his whole first album and Eminem on his second? Funny that Big Pun is being overlooked by DMX when he shits all over him lyrically. Some of the names being overlooked is unreal.

"wow" Wow what? Andre 3000 sings and is lame. He's hardly a RAPPER, Big Boy is more the rapper than him and quite frankly he's more talented. People think Andre is so awsome because he's in movies. Big deal. People aren't judging on TALENT but merely mainstream appeal. Kanye as one of the best? Give me a break. Scarface isn't that great, he's nothing special.Black Thought, who cares? Seems like people put more stock into shit that shouldn't matter.

There are plenty of names that should be ahead over most guys there it just depends onw hat you're looking for. In terms of pure old school where's Run DMC,Eric B,Kool G Rap,Slick Rick,Guru?

When it comes to pure talent and or meaning behind tracks Vinny Paz,Celph Titled,R.A. The Rugged Man,Ill Bill ,Copywrite,Sabac Red,Apathy....etc

I'm not a fan of Immortal Technique... In fact I hate the guy but I respect what he does and what he raps about he isn't afraid to say what he wants.

Ya they're trash but since they were on tv you clowns think they're so awesome!

Woah, I know nothing about rap?Or is it Hiphop? I've heard everyone on that list, and there are plenty of names that deserve to be there. Its an extremely underwhelming list, some made it beacuse they're dead and others made it because they were on tv.Hardly something they should get credit for. If you want old school where is Run DMC? If you want TALENT where's Vinny Paz,R.A. The Rugged Man , or Celph titled? If you want meaningful songs with talent wheres Sabac Red,Copywrite,Revolution of the Mind.... and thats just "underground" guys who deserve to be on this list over most of those names. If you think Black Thought is technically proficient then you haven't heard much

But ya Kanye is one of the greatest of all time...and I! Don't know hiphop . Big L,Big Pun,Talib being overlooked is a JOKE.

Like I said, this list is a joke and there are plenty more deserving
As if calling Black Thought, Dre 3000, and Scarface trash(among others) wasn't enough.......YOU SAID WHERE'S ERIC B!!???? ERIC B!!!!!! LOLOLOLOL. Trying to namecheck somebody whose name you have read, huh? That right there proves you haven't even listened to an Eric B and Rakim album. Just stop.

WOW. Maybe someday you actually will learn something about hip hop, and you'll think back and realize "you know what? LBGetback was right! I didn't know SHIT and was talking out my ass."
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