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Re: Batista takes a shot at the Miz in MMA interview

Originally Posted by Monterossa View Post
seriously.... Batista, Botchista, Roidtista, Batisteroid... the bodybuilder turned into a shitty wrestler.

The Miz has more moves compare to him, Miz is faster than him, more agile than him, better than him on the mic, etc.

Tista only have the look and muscles, he never entertain me with his matches. actually I fell asleep during his matches few times.

Miz is not a talented wrestler but at least he loves wrestling, he has the passion, he has good attitude and he never give up.

Batista... you gave up being a wrestler just because you don't like the way WWE is right now.

you're just a loser. don't compare yourself to the Miz. Miz proved himself to everyone. he proved that everyone can be anything they want. he's small, he doesn't have any wrestling experience, he doesn't has any connection in wrestling industry. but he made it.

You, Batisteroid, the loser... you're even lower than Zach Gowen or Chris Nowinski. so shut the fuck up.
I will give you any year from Batistas entire career and it will still be better than Miz entire career. Batista has more Good/Great matches than Miz will ever have. He's the biggest draw in the entire PG era. Has the looks, charisma, Mic skills, Badass personality, Larger than life character, good ring skills, great moveset, funny and entertaining, and awesome seller. If it wasn't for his age he will still be the face of the company.

If you're asking what moveset, well watch this:

The guy is great. Made it to the top, with his own (improved over the years) ability. His Heel promos were golden, highly entertaining stuff.
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