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Noyk: Fucking or chastity, which is it then?

So Noyk, what are your opinions on sex? Evidence from last month:


Originally Posted by NoyK View Post
Well this is a random-as-hell thread.
And for the record, I wish I was a virgin right now, or have lost it with someone else (haven't loved anyone as much as her after we broke up, so..)
Lost mine at 16, thinking she was worth it and 'the one', boy oh boy how I regret it.

I'm 19 now, and haven't done it since. Nor I regret it. I think sex is something really personal and heartfelt, not just something to do 'for fun' in parties after drinking 15 shots of alchool.

Yeah diss me, I'm old school. I'm all Chocolates & Teddy Bears over Dubstep & Vodka.

Anyway getting to the point; some of my friends do mock me because of this "man, 3 years without action, you turned gay or something?" which I think is pathetic. I don't see why you would be ashamed of being a virgin, actually be proud of it in some cases.
Oh really? Something does not compute:


Originally Posted by NoyK View Post
I'm 19. Yep, still in the 'teen' years.

I could post the girls I nailed (it was only three, don't worry I'm not a 'hardcore' player), but that would be a really douchebaggy thing to do.

And I mean nailed, a 'little service' doesn't count.
So a month ago you claimed that you hadn't had sex in three years and only had it with one girl when you did. Now all of sudden you've thrown your 'morals' out of the window and have started putting it away? Hard to believe. Either you're a liar (pretty sure it's this) or a douchey little hypocrite who doesn't know his own mind.

As for those pictures:



Where are you in these pictures? Are your 'own' pictures even of you? I'm starting to get a little bit concerned, and this is coming from one stalker to another!

Then again:


Originally Posted by NoyK View Post
We must go out and have a few drinks one day (no alchool for me).
Let's bring all the jobbers in too, and when BULLY goes to the bathroom, we all leave him to pay for everything
Maybe all of this is just a thinly veiled attempt to make friends on the internet because you're completely inept in the real world? How desperate do you need to be to ask strangers on the internet out for drinks? Questions, so many of them. (inb4 lol that was a joke)

Answers would be appreciated, one glass of your favourite chocolate milk (definitely progress from still sucking on your mum's tits, you're getting there) if you can provide some clarity.

No, that's not an offer to meet up you sad little cunt. I'm joking, we can all do that you see! Looking forward to that type of back tracking from you, like James Milner on speed.

Thanks in advance.

Detective Baker.
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