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Re: WWE Is Paying for the Last 8 Years

The problem is right now they have zero ideas or direction. It does not matter who it is, it could be the greatest wrestler of all time and they would still end up looking shit.

The first thing they have to do is bring personality back. Nobody seems to get much chance to do this. It seems WWE thinks there is only one way to get someone over and that's by giving them steamroller matches with pointless wins.
Look at guys like Ryback,Brodus and other guys like that. The only time we see them is when they are squashing people. The same goes for jobbers, we see them in the ring then they get beat and rinse and repeat.
These guys need to get on the mic and stick with a personality. Punk is an example of a guy who changes too often. When he goes heel and then face it isn't a big deal. The only guy who could change and it mean something is Cena. One day they will use that angle but you can bet they will fuck it up.

There needs to be more personality on the show. Where are the Jake the Snake, Million Dollar Man, Shawn Michaels after rockers split, evil Kane, Mr Perfect type characters? The most sinister someone is now is hitting you from behind. That's it. It is all too predictable.

The attitude era and Ruthless aggression had huge rosters and they found decent stories for everyone. How is it that with a tiny roster they can't do the same? Simple because the pg era means the angles they can do are very limited. We had a debate on raw and there was no fight or action.

Pg has to go or its the end. They have to unchain themselves from the limits they have put upon themselves.
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