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Re: Batista takes a shot at the Miz in MMA interview

Originally Posted by Monterossa View Post
seriously.... Batista, Botchista, Roidtista, Batisteroid... the bodybuilder turned into a shitty wrestler.

The Miz has more moves compare to him, Miz is faster than him, more agile than him, better than him on the mic, etc.

Tista only have the look and muscles, he never entertain me with his matches. actually I fell asleep during his matches few times.

Miz is not a talented wrestler but at least he loves wrestling, he has the passion, he has good attitude and he never give up.

Batista... you gave up being a wrestler just because you don't like the way WWE is right now.

you're just a loser. don't compare yourself to the Miz. Miz proved himself to everyone. he proved that everyone can be anything they want. he's small, he doesn't have any wrestling experience, he doesn't has any connection in wrestling industry. but he made it.

You, Batisteroid, the loser... you're even lower than Zach Gowen or Chris Nowinski. so shut the fuck up.
Batista was never proven to be on steriods. Such ignorance on this forum.

Not every big guy is on steriods, some people can maintain a physique like that by power lifting and doing stuff you nerds can only dream of. It's called being dedicated and putting hard work in. Do you think Mason Ryan is on steriods? You probably do. So ask yourself this question - why the fuck would WWE protect a guy like MASON RYAN when top guys like Randy Orton, Rey Mysterio and Edge have all been caught on the juice? That doesn't make any sense to me.

Miz doesn't love wrestling, he loves WWE. There's a difference. This is the guy that didn't know who the fuck Bryan Danielson was before NXT. Most wrestlers would know this guy, but Miz? Nope. He was clueless. The guy has no moves, him and his 255 neckbreaker combinations aren't good moves. He moves around in the ring like an amateur and he's been doing this for SIX YEARS.

Miz to me, is still a TV personality. Not a professional wrestler. He'd rather rather appear on Jay Leno and Jimmy Fallon than learn some new wrestling moves. He is a Rock wannabe and he's lucky that Mr. Kennedy got fired. As for being on Batista's level, the guy isn't even on the level below Batista. I'm just speaking the truth. Miz might be a nice guy, he might be the hardest worker in the company as far as getting up and going to TV appearances, but he is a lousy wrestler and it pains me to watch him on WWE.

Batista appreciates and contributes everything that is good about wrestling. He refused to be an ass kissing yes man, he is above that. He will go down as a WWE Legend. Miz will go down as the worst WWE Champion ever who was apart of the worst Wrestlemania main event ever.

Batista > Shit > Miz.

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