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Re: Official World Of Sport (British Wrestling 1970s-1980s) Appreciation Thread

Oh Fuck Les Kellet, what a champ. Seriously this man rivals Eddie, Funk and any other comedic talent to ever set foot in the ring.

It only just struck me his 'almost fall through the ropes only to sping up' spot is where McGuinness got the setup for his Jawbreaker Lariat. It actually makes me despise the setup a bit less now that I know where it came from.

Originally Posted by Hanoi Cheyenne View Post
Whats your view of Rollerball Rocco segunda?
Ive only seen the Dynamite Kid 1980 match and few other bits and pieces, but the furious pace of that match seemed tailer-made to ease people into the style who arent used to it (even if it is a slightly by the numbers DK match), I know he was a top guy and his feud with Sayama (black tiger vs tiger mask) was a huge draw in Japan but havent seen his name mentioned here.
I read somewhere that his defection to Allstar was one of the moves which led to the end of Joints dominance.
Rocco is a guy I still really need to delve into more to gain a proper appeciation, but so far I'd call him a good hand with some great antics and skill but someone who's behind Smith, Jones, Thompson, Grey, Cortez, Joyce, Myers, Breaks, Street and other WOS maestros.

That's no disservice to him given that list of names is pretty much the cream of the crop (though Smith is a little bit more exhibitiony for me compared to the others, and is much better when he's trying to break Jim Breaks' nose).

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