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Re: Official World Of Sport (British Wrestling 1970s-1980s) Appreciation Thread

Yeah the style is excellent (I find the fact its such a contrast to the US style is what makes it so refreshing and addictive). The fact they don't operate on 'finishers' per se and work to finish a match depending on each opponent really adds to the closing stretches of matches, and the rounds system really plays well into big title matches and gives them time to rest and break up the wresting in ways a lot of american matches would often attempt to do with rest holds. Another thing I adore is you can see wrestlers thinking 3/4 moves ahead and trying to work their opponents into new positions all the time when applying holds, rather than just resting in one hold.

I'm gonna post a link to what is often considered the best WOS bout next, its Steve Grey vs Clive Myers from 1977. I mentioned it in the OP as basically being WOS's attempt at Flair/Steamboat...and tbf these guys have almost unrivalled chemistry. So slick and smooth and Walton on commentary really puts over everything they do. Myers is the international star and champ, whilst Grey is a British phenom fighting in front of his hometown: makes for a really special atmosphere alongside the wrestling.


@11rob2k: tbh the OP is already a wall of text (again) so I'll probably edit it into this post, or explain it if people seek assistance.

But aye, WOS rules essentially follow this format:

(a)2/3 falls
(b)Round format, 6 rounds at 5 minutes each. If you score a win in a fall they go into a brief rest period (really plays into the Street/Breaks finish) before starting the next round.
(c)Pretty sure top rope moves are an automatic DQ/warning. I recall that playing a part in the Jones/Steve Wright bout.
(d)Public warnings occur for a variety of offences, things like a series of unclean breaks can incur a warning as well as dangerous moves: in Breaks/Street there's a nasty spot where Street snaps Breaks' arm in between the ropes and incurs an automatic warning for the danger behind the move.
(e)2 submissions are generally required to win a match via submission, a TKO (failure to answer a 10 count) and 2 pinfalls make up the other ways to win the match.

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