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Re: Why do some fans act above wrestling?

Originally Posted by Pol93 View Post
If WWE didn't want people to boo John Cena, they wouldn't create storylines centred around fans booing him. Surely you can see that.
They created storylines around that because they had no other choice, they created storylines around it because it became impossible to ignore it.
7 long years and WWE really started to acknowledge it since The Rock return and the CM Punk promo last year
Have you watched WWE 2006-2010?
Originally Posted by Pol93 View Post
No they won't, nobody will be dejected from a building for chanting "Goldberg" other than at a neo-nazi convention.
Originally Posted by Pol93 View Post
Wow, YOU don't like John Cena? How shocking. I'm sure his millions of dollars, millions of adoring fans and list of great matches will somehow comfort during sleep in one of his mansion's tonight whilst you watch old Sean O'Haire matches and tell yourself they're brilliant.
I posted how statistics and title histories don't decide who is my favourite and the best you can come up with is "OMG WATCH SOME OLD OHAIRE PHOTOS CINA IS RICH BITCH"

That means because John Cena is a main eventer, rich and lives in a big house proves that everybody who thinks that O'Haire, McIntyre, Christian, Masters, Hassan, Kennedy, MVP or anybody else who never made it to the top deserves to be on top is an idiot and proves that he has no idea about the business? Thanks for confirming you're ignorant and an idiot.

You basically come in an forum and criticize people who have different opinions. In case you didn't know, internet forum stands for online discussion and you can not have a discussion if everybody has the same opinion. So you are obviously lost here or just a WWE Universe mark who has visited a wrestlingforum for the first time and is shocked that there are fans out there who are not WWE tools and have their own opinions.
And before you reply with "I have no problem with opinions, I have a problem if people think they know something about the business when they don't"
Everybody who disagrees with you has no idea about the business, that is the only thing you got.
"People on the internet know jack-shit. They think they know the wrestling industry inside out but they know nothing"
And the last time I checked you also have no idea about the business, so who made you a spokesperson for the people in the wrestling industry bitch?
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