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Re: WWE Is Paying for the Last 8 Years

Originally Posted by chucky101 View Post
ryback will be a bust, he went from beating slater to now jumping to main event level

WAY to soon and the guy is a goldberg rip off, he might be getting some pops now but do you really think he is the next true main event draw for years to come, i don't see it

vince pushes who he wants, not what the crowd wants, thats the difference from the attitude era

rock/austin were pushed because the fans got behind them, along with dx and others, back then they listened to the fans and gave us what we wanted

now vince just keeps pushing the likes of cena even though the crowd boo's the hell out of him

in the last 7-8 years who really got that push, atleast a attempt to go over clean on cena and giving a chance to be the guy, punk whole summer of 2011 wasn't even planned and they screwed that up(he still hasn't beat cena clean FYI)

imo cena leaving for a long time would be a great thing long term, it would force vince to push newer talents

imo its time to turn cena heel soon, that would create not only a huge spark but start putting guys over on him and change it up, time for ambrose/ziggler to take that next step and keep pushing the likes of bryan/punk
Just because it "could happen" doesn't mean it will. Broken logic bro. What could also happen, more easily mind you, is that he won't end up being a bust. He's already over this quickly. Not looking like a bust.

"main event draw for years to come"? What? So it's "top guy or bust"? wtf? Lower your expectations. No wonder you're always disappointed. With that thinking, you will always be disappointed in 98% of the roster. And your maximum level of being happy with how people turn out is maybe 3% overall at best.

I also posted over a dozen new guys who have been getting big pushes, so I'm not sure why you're talking about people not getting pushed. Just some crap about Cena being on top.

As I suspected though, your comments about that were just anti-Cena ones. A wrestler doesn't need to be put over Cena cleanly over and over then repleace him to be considered having gotten a push. You're obviously a Punk fan, so what did you want? Multiple people to beat Punk and Punk to not have the title for very long? You'd complain about that too. Which is it? You want a guy pushed well or you want multiple guys pushed? Multiple guys got pushed and one of your favorites got pushed hard. . .but everything sucks because Cena still wins matches? :\

Your expectations are very skewed, and it seems like you just want Cena gone or buried and don't really give a shit about the rest of it.
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