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Re: Kofi Kingston Sucks

Originally Posted by TheGreatBanana View Post
Trouble is, most people keep saying he is great. The more you say how great he is, the less likely he will improve.
It is because the bar has been lowered so much over the years that the majority of the fans of today don't even know what great is. WWE tells them what great is. So if a mother-fucker jumps off a rope in WWE, suddenly he's a "high flyer~!"

A lot of the roster is coasting on past merits, the same shit that guys like Hall & Nash were lambasted for in WCW. But Kofi gets a free pass for some reason, despite never doing anything. He's been in WWE for how long now, six years? And he's had what, maybe two memorable matches & a couple memorable spots in gimmick matches? That's it.

One of the big problems is that guys on the IWC are never able to look outside of the gang mentality that is formed off first impressions. They will sour on someone once they get used at the top or become babyface, but if a guy, like Kofi or Lance Storm gets a reputation online for being a "good worker" it's never questioned, even when they don't do anything for ten years.

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