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Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar.

JAM's Review

Good opening contest to start things off. You've made Hassan look rather strong after being more technical in this match that Benji was supposed to be. There was a good show of athleticism from both guys which is surprising on Hassan's part. I was sure that Benji would've tapped there but then we had no interaction from Haas before I spoke too soon. This just confirms that Haas is gonna turn on Benji soon rather than later and I don't mind it at all. It was smart of you to point out that Haas seemed more elated then Benji when he won the title. I see great things to happen from this impending feud, should showcase Haas's character and he gets a push, which we don't see often. HBK/Bischoff segment was bound to happen and it was best to get it out of the way early. You can just tell that HBK was in a no-nonsense mood here which I think would've been the wrong idea, since he's technically employed by Bischoff. But that bit about his family was great to have HBK abide by Bischoff's wishes. I guess we'll find out what happens later on.

Match between JBL and Lashley was a decent one here, the two big guys exchanged power moves, which is all it was going to be. I'm not quite sure what you have JBL do after this, maybe have him take a break, just really not sure what you can do with him. But things are looking up for Lashley who should be mentioned for the World Title maybe? But anyway, was a good match, the ending had a good couple of sequences and the sleeper hold was a nice touch to the match. Christian promo here was pretty good. I tried imagining it in his voice and it went over well. I like the fact that you wrote Christian being all playful but towards the end, you wrote him in an intense manner, that was really good. This is the match that I've been looking forward to the most because I'm a Christian fan, so either way, I'm interested to see what route you go for both guys.

The tag team contest was chaotic but that was to be expected. That was a cool spot when you had Nemeth dropkick Bubba Ray in mid-air but I kind of wanted to see what Ray would've hit there. Anyway, as soon as I read that Doane did the smart thing and made the tag, I knew who would be winning. It was typical heel fashion here and I think pairing Doane and Nemeth up is a great idea. Nothing much to say here really other then your tag team division is certainly heating up. Standard Cena promo here, I think you pretty much got him down so that's good since he'll be heavily featured due to him being your WWE Champion. Good to see the RVD/Rey segment getting on the pay-per-view. I wonder what you have in store for this, it could be a good way to debut a big guy, which I wouldn't mid, some new muscle for MNM maybe?

Loved this match! Match of the night...so far, which could easily change as the night goes on. The exchanges between the two were really good especially towards the end. The referee switch was a nice touch and you wrote Edge well here, getting a lot of heat for punching the replacement ref. Interested to see what happens for Edge now, if he cashes it in soon. Good opening package for Unforgiven, guessing we'll see a lot of HBK huh? As for Kurt's promo, it had good logic behind it. Cena had a strong promo earlier on so it was good to see that you're keeping Kurt strong as well leading into their match later on.

Hardy/'Lito was another nicely written match. I like the exchange of a Twist of Fate into the Backstabber, just imagining that looks really good actually. I'm not quite sure about kicking out of finishers this often, just like in the other matches. Maybe there'd be a match where once a finisher is hit, it's over. But I get it though, it's a pay-per-view, you wanna build excitement to the match. But anyway, foolish of 'Lito to take his eye off Hardy and go after the ref but that's all part of the story, good win for Hardy here. Ooooh some strong words from the ladies. I'm torn here, big fan of Victoria but who isn't a fan of Trish as well? I bet their paths will cross once again when Trish gets back, as well at Lita, triple threat maybe? Women's Division is quite good around this time. Typical Batista promo here with him saying he won't take anyone in the match lightly. I'm not too sure how to comment on this because I've always preferred 'Tista as a heel, but his face run wasn't too bad. Big match for him tonight, plus with it being in his hometown, it should probably main event.

Jindark/Show was the match that I was least interested in but it still had some good action to it. Good to see Jindrak go over here, right decision by you. He probably goes for a midcard belt? But where does that leave Show? I'm still not a fan of Show so I wouldn't mind that you had him retire or whatever. But anyway, that Knee Trembler is a helluva finisher to take out Show, pretty vicious there. Flair's promo was pretty good. I think you wrote him well, emphasizing those words that he does. I could just imagine the redness, vein-popping promos that Flair delivers so good job to you with that.

Okay, now this is match of the night so far now. Orton/'Taker just killed it in the ring. It was good back-and-forth action and you really kept both guys looking strong here. Undertaker is known for his brawling style while Orton seems more of a setting the pace kind of guy, which you did well in writing for both guys. It was awesome to see them exchange finishers there and what an ending that was. Don't think this is the last we see of Orton/'Taker though. Maybe the last we will see of it is at Wrestlemania, but for now, I could live with this match. I just knew that Matt was going to get attacked when he was being interviewed. I like that their storyline will still go as they're both pretty good wrestlers of the midcard division.

You gave this match a really good emotional feel to it. The video package was done nicely and you captured every part of this heated rivalry really well. What a match this was, absolutely loved it. Pretty clever of you to use the Figure Four and I thought it would end right there. Would've actually made for a pretty interesting way for Flair to go out. However, I think the end was a little rushed. I think there was still a good paragraph or two that you could've dished out, maybe have Christian win at Flair's game with a hold of the tights or something? But then again, that may drag out the storyline more. But overall, was a well-written match and the post-match stuff was good as well. A farewell fitting for Flair. Loving Kennedy here! He could've been used well in the WWE and well, TNA isn't treating him any better. But anyway, loved the whole segment, not quite sure if you'll have him as a heel or face, doesn't matter it seems. Some comedic genius here with that second “KENNEDYYYY!” Got me laughing at that one.

Again, a nice recap video of what's been going on in the feud. Gives this match a big time feel which it should have. The story you were telling with this match was really good. You had Kurt down well with him working on a body part. You also had Cena down good with that no-quit attitude of his. The exchanges at the end were great, I honestly thought Kurt might've won the match at one instant. The ending was very well played, the SUPER-FU was a good spot, but with Angle's foot on the rope, this feud will definitely keep going. Was a really good match and there's still more to come, can't wait! Maybe injecting Orton in the match to make it a triple threat wouldn't be such a bad idea. Orton is coming off a big win from Undertaker, so it would only make sense.

Recap video for the main event of Summerslam was pretty wicked. Starting at Wrestlemania was a good choice as it laid out the foundation of the rest of the video. Good job with that. Main event was truly worthy of being in it's spot. You did well in using HBK as a factor all throughout the match. Even with HBK kicking both Batista and Kane, that was really good as well. I like how you had the crowd all confused, not knowing whether they should cheer for HBK or not. Also, having Bischoff witness first hand at what HBK has done, it can only mean even worse things for HBK. I'm interested to see who comes next for Batista and what happens with HBK here. He's gotta get out of the contract somehow, maybe at Unforgiven.

Overall, what a pay-per-view this was. It was strong all throughout and I think the match order was done nicely. You advanced all the ongoing feuds and possibly started new ones. I'm still stunned that Flair lost his match so I'm definitely interested to see what route you go with Christian. Match of the night for me was 'Taker/Orton with Christian/Flair as a close second. It's a defining moment in your thread, this pay-per-view was and you delivered. However, in your matches I noticed an overuse of the word, “as” which isn't actually bad but sometimes it's a little too redundant. I do it at times too but only in some matches were they excessive, in the others, they were alright. But anyway, you did a good job with this man! Now go get your interview done with

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