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Re: Why do some fans act above wrestling?

Originally Posted by Pol93 View Post
It's 99% an internet thing, but it's infuriating. So many members on here act like they are above being a wrestling fan. "The past was better, this guy sucks, this show sucked, he shouldn't be pushed", why bother coming on a wrestling forum, then?
On the other side, people like you act above other users only because you like the current storylines and they not.
You sound like Vince McMahon "praise the current era, don't boo Cena, accept Ryback, hate Daniel Bryan"
Why bother coming on a wrestlingforum if you can't tolerate other opinions OP?

Originally Posted by Pol93 View Post
On top of that, these "fans" in particlar know jack-shit. They think they know the wrestling industry inside out; they know nothing. Nobody within the business would take any of their suggestions (90% of which are "this guy should turn heel") seriously, due to the extreme stupidity and naevity of their comments. They're always making incorrect predictions, saying people won't get over when they do (Bryan, Ryback), and burying people to try and make themselves seem like they know better than "stupid wrestling fans", when they are actually the most idiotic of all.
I don't need to know anything about the business to have an opinion.
If I say that i like more Doctor of Thuganomics Cena or pipebomb tweener CM Punk what has this to do anything with business?
So I should feel dumb because I once said that Ryback will never be over and he is?
Because some people chant feed me more because the people who chant Goldberg will be escorted out of the building? Because WWE confiscated Goldberg signs and allowed only Ryback signs? He is and will always be a Goldberg rip-off even if he headlines 10 WrestleManias and breaks Ric Flair title record
I don't need to be in the music industry to say that Nicki Minaj is a Lil Kim wannabe.

So basically you say OP that if some fans say that a wrestler sucks and this wrestler is successful these fans should feel like fools because they were not right?
LOL I don't need the title histories or how many fans cheer for someone to say that he sucks.
Sean O'Haire newer won a world title in WWE and he never got reactions in the arenas like a real WWE superstar but the guy had more talent and charisma than Cena and the Goldberg wannabe combined.

Is Ryback over? No he is not because WWE censors everything Goldberg related and shows only 10-20 fans in the arena who cheers for Ryback.

Originally Posted by Mr. Fluffykins View Post
Because they have nothing better to do in their lives but constantly watch something and then complain about it. The ____ is ____ comments are just confusing and bad.
At least these people have better things to do in their lives than to create a second account for the Mafia game
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