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Re: **The Official Raw Ratings Thread** (Discuss Ratings In Here)

Trying to look at WWE from a distanced view (casual), what reason do non-hardcore WWE fans have to tune in? They have two storylines going, Punk/Heyman and Team Hell No, everything else is so downplayed in importance by the booking, effort in writing or mic effort/time that it doesn't even matter to most regular viewers, let alone fans who barely watch. Why should the TV viewers care, if WWE themselves, and their commentators ironically make most feuds sound like filler material, talking about unrelated things during matches or half the roster getting jobber entrances nowadays.

If they wanted to gain more mainstream popularity, they will have to try to make every character and storyline as worthwhile as possible, watching three hours of stagnation minus the ME and one Tag Team isn't going to cut it. By worthwhile, I also mean presented as a big deal, rather than an unimportant feud.

As for individual draws, there's very few (if none at all) that unconditionally draw regardless of how much effort was put in the storyline, who they feud with and where that storyline is placed card wise apart from John Cena. But then you compare the way Cena has been booked for years with full-force (or any other wrestlers that ever became big draws) with the start-stop philosophy and the random burials after somebody gets over (Bryan at WM, Ryder and others) and you can see why nobody appearing like such a big deal anymore.
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