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Originally Posted by Renegade™ View Post
They couldn't have got rid of Chibbs after he just became the Sgt at Arms for Jax, that would've looked rushed that they offed him so suddenly Opie was back in the fold and could be Jax's next SA. I agree I didn't think Ope needed to die as I liked the current group as it was, but he didnt really have anywhere to go apart from just be there as Jax's friend, and no more than Juice/Happy/Tig are now as just regular club members.
I don't agree on Chibs. I feel they rushed Opie's death lol. He just became S of A so it would have more meaning plus a spot would open up a place for a guy like Happy-a guy comparable to Tig but not as crazy- at the table. I thought Chibs was gonna be VP instead of Ope. Chibs doesn't strike me as a guy that is the enforcer for the group. He is a level headed thinker who saves the violence for when it means most.

I gotta be honest between Tig saying he should be in there but couldn't and Jax and Opie ready to volunteer to go in, Chibs was strangely out of the picture. And I say this liking Chibs. The way it was written, Pope could have fingered ANY son. To me Chibs seemed out of place there. He didn't serve a purpose.

I get Opie being close to Jax but anyone could have filled Opie's role to die because Jax had to decide it. This would play perfectly into Jax starting to turn into Clay. He would have decided to kill one of his brothers. Essentially what Clay has been doing for 4 seasons now. I go back to the arch I wish they took with Jax turning to Clay and Opie trying to be Jax's friend, anchor, and foil all at the same time. 2 original 9 sons going at it. Brother against brother. The prince vs the soldier.

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