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Re: Kofi Kingston Sucks

Look: How can anybody say he's not generic? He's another guy in trunks, wristbands and kickpads, just like half of the roster. Where's the uniqueness? In his dreadlocks? Isn't he generic because his attire is yellow? Man, the guy is almost as generic-looking as a McGillicutty, a Bateman or a Tyson Kidd.

Charisma: Since the crowd care, I guess he has.

Athleticism: Ok, he flips and jumps. Has that something to do with being a good wrestler?

Strength: I don't remember him doing a body slam or anything so I cannot have an opinion.

Getting the crowd to care: Yeah, that's true. The guy knows how to make the crowd to love him. I don't know why because I found his taunts and moveset incredibly lame, but still the casuals love a guy who's always jumping and "being dynamic".

Being exciting: Where's exactly the excitement? Making a weak jumping clothesline or putting retarded faces while performing is exciting?

Ring work: I cannot undertand why people say he's a good worker. Ok, he jumps in his entrance, he jumps when tagged, he jumps when doing any move. So what? His moveset is absolutely weak: jumping clothesline, knife chop, boom boom legdrop(looks totally harmless), the botching jump on the corner move, the move he stealed from Christian and making dropkicks and crossbodys... The only convincing maneuver he has is the Ranhei. Also WWE tell us he's a highflyer when he is not(compare his moveset with the moveset of Rey Mysterio, Trent Barreta or Evan Bourne: They are highflyers).

Mic skills: He can talk. I find him average.

Gimmick or character: For the umpteenth time; Being an African jumping guy is a gimmick? What's the unique thing he brings? He has no gimmick, he's only that, an African jumping guy. When he ceased to be a Jamaican stereotype I thought they would give him any good gimmick, but not. Since then, Kofi is simply a guy from Ghana. But hey, he jumps and flips and slides.

In fact I want to like Kofi, because I think he would be pushed in the future and I would like to understand why people find him entertaining and funny while I only see a gimmickless fake highflyer doing stupid paraphernalia while performing weaking-look moves.
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