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Re: TNA 2009: The Turning Point

Xplosion Feedback

Good call opening up the show with a match. It sets the tone for a new show, especially one that’s gonna be as fast paced and ring based as this. Exciting action from all involved here, I think that will be something I say quite often while reading your shows as the talent is off the chart. Aries getting the win was the right call, certainly the most likely to progress out of these three. Promising start with this one.

A promo was always on the cards next and who better than the man in charge of things? I would say though, a commercial in between would’ve suited this better or a little backstage bit before more in ring stuff. As for the promo, not much to it really. It wasn’t particularly ground breaking and may have been better off backstage or having someone come and interrupt, be it Red invoking his rematch clause or Homicide. Still, main event announcement was big and that should be a hell of a match.

Ah, here we go. A bit of an exchange between champion and the man in charge, good decision as tension already building will add intrigue in the coming weeks. Nice line from Homicide about the show being nothing without him, technically true lol.

Another decent contest here and the right booking in having Red go over. He’s the challenger heading into the PPV so a win here was vital and it was a good showing from all involved.

Not a bad interview from Aries here, hyped himself up fairly nicely. Wasn’t all that sure about London with the mask, bit weird lol, but I do know that a feud between the two would be great stuff. Hope to see more of this next week.

Wow, Danielson to Xplosion!? Christ, the roster is gonna be packed, maybe too packed. Not complaining about another great talent coming in though.

Pretty standard match here, nice win for Wilson. Not much to comment on, handshake after at least gave us some insight into the way his character will pan out.

Main event was a good contest and I’m not surprised it ended the way it did. You can’t have the World Champion take a loss here but you can’t have your own show’s champion take one either. Homicide has gotta look as strong as possible while holidng that strap, therefore the DQ was the right call and the aftermath with Red was nicely executed, typical face move in coming down to fend off Homicide’s advances. Good way to close out the first show.

On the whole, a decent first show. I think I would’ve liked to see a few more backstage bits and bobs, only really had Aries interview and Foley’s promo which was somewhat unnecessary. The matches were all strong, no surprise with the guys you’ve got to use and I expect to see that trend continue. As for promos, just keep working on it and improving. Watch these guys when they talk, what words they use, their mannerisms etc and you’ll no doubt pick it up in no time. I know you haven’t done full shows much before and that’s probably another reason why you didn’t wanna throw yourself straight into it but you aren’t gonna improve unless you do so. Solid effort here and I look forward to the next one with these feuds all beginning to build nicely
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