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Re: Why do some fans act above wrestling?

Originally Posted by Cloverleaf View Post
I doubt they watch with the view to complain. I bet they watch in the hope that one day, just maybe, it'll be good again or you catch that great match that happened this week, go online say it was awesome then diss the next segment cause it was a joke.

They talk about the good and the bad.

How about you go start a thread about at least one good post or thread that you've read?

p.s I know who Dean Ambrose is. I saw one match against CM Punk, it was pretty good.

I apologise for the retard comment. It was out of line, accurate, but out of line.

And I quote "some people don't want a negative environment"

Have you seen your thread and what you have brought to the table? How bloody ironic.
The thread actually started off with thought-out responses, then the negatives brought their moans in.

There are people that definitely do watch to complain, no doubt about that.

So why did you say "who's Dean Ambrose?", seemed like an attempt to act above the people excited about him, especially since you now admit you know exactly who he is.

"Negative enviornment" sums it up pretty well, actually. People see others spouting negativity, join in, and it spreads. It would be great to see more fans and less complainers.

Calm the hell down and eat a cookie. Yowzers.
The product does suck right now and I like to share my misery with others. Deal.
Don't have a cow man, cowabunga. In your opinion the "product sucks", not everybody's. I disagree with you, and can't stand the constant moaning about the current product. Deal.
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