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Re: Why do some fans act above wrestling?

Originally Posted by Pol93 View Post
I consider that nothing more than a weak attempt to justify an incessant need to complain about something they invest so much of their timing watching, to little apparent gratification. The sheer amount of complaining from people makes one thing apparent- they should stop watching. Watching merely to complain is completely unproductive, and there's so much more people could be doing with their time.

You simply do not like that I disagree with you, get over yourself and accept that some people don't want a negative enviornment.

You know who he, so that's just petty. If you know who Bray Wyatt is, you know who Dean Ambrose is. You're trying to act above fans who are excited about Dean Ambrose by pretending you haven't even heard of him.

Also, don't throw around terms like "retard" just because you feel safe behind your computer screen. It's pathetic and reflects really badly on yourself, and the forum as a whole.
I doubt they watch with the view to complain. I bet they watch in the hope that one day, just maybe, it'll be good again or you catch that great match that happened this week, go online say it was awesome then diss the next segment cause it was a joke.

They talk about the good and the bad.

How about you go start a thread about at least one good post or thread that you've read?

p.s I know who Dean Ambrose is. I saw one match against CM Punk, it was pretty good.

I apologise for the retard comment. It was out of line, accurate, but out of line.

And I quote "some people don't want a negative environment"

Have you seen your thread and what you have brought to the table? How bloody ironic.

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