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Pay Per Views do not a help the wrestling business, artistically. CWFH Proves that.

Financially? PPV's can be a huge positive. They can make life better for a promotions talent and they can definently help the bottom line.

But artistically? Big negative. Here's why:

Pro Wrestling is a story telling medium. having a date set aside for a PPV puts an arbitrary benchmark in those stories.

When I was a kid I really wanted to see Greg Valentine beat the snot out of the Honky Tonk man. ( was it the honkey tonk man? Can't even remember.) They used to be a tag team but they broke up. I was into it.

It was my brother in law that broke the news to me.

"They're not gonna really fight until Summerslam." Then he explained why.

Sure enough they were booked for summerslam. which was months away.

Things are better now. WWE and TNA runs monthly PPV's. You gotta pay but it doesn't hurt the actual product.

But even now, it forces the same amount of time to be spent on every fued. If it's done right you hardly notice.

But if it's done wrong you're stuck with another 3 weeks of an uninteresting storyline.

I'll admit that I'm behind on my CWF Hollywood. Haven't watched the new episode yet. But just finished the one before it. How awesome is Joey Ryan?

Racism in real life= Inexcusable!!!

Racism in wrestling= Awesome!!!

We got an honest to God title change on free TV two weeks ago.

Almost had another one this week. These are solid cards! Storylines are being advanced naturally!


Not by a certain dealine. Not just in time for another "Our Biggest Show of the Year!!!"


When Willie Mack, the man who took a bus to get the show, won the TV Title, that was a PPV moment. It was a PPV match, and it was the culmination of all that "Jerry Springer," "Soap Opera," Dare I say it, Yes I will, "Sports Entertainment" goodness we love from the televised shows of our favorite promotions.

It was the best of both worlds. And if CWF Hollywood was doing PPV's you would have gotten either or. Not both.

Because "Championship Wrestling from Hollywood" (the TV show ) is THE place to be if you follow "Championship Wrestling from Hollywood" ( the promotion. )
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