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Re: Does WWE need to change how they handle talent?

Well it's definitely true that Vince is the reason that WWE is so controlling of his talent. And I'm not even complaining about booking, in that regard talent has the ability to take what they are given and make the fans like it and if they can't well that's too bad for them. I talking about the fact that they are completely locked into doing nothing but wrestling. Some people are fine with that but a lot of talent want to go out and do other things like acting, but if its not in a WWE Studios movie (which if I were an actor I'd rather not be in) then they can't do anything.

I get that Vince is scared that he might lose somebody big to the movies like he lost Rock, but Rock has come back and it's been great for him. He was not happy with Brock Lesnar quitting and then doing MMA, but he became a big name and then came back. That hasn't translated into something as big as the Rock but it still could. In all honesty if he were to let his talent go and do other things where they shined, maybe the leave and become stars elsewhere, but if you treat them well they will come back and it will be great for business. But if they are all controlling of the talent then the future stars of this business will never have the name power of guys like the Rock and Brock Lesnar. And if WWE wants to brand itself as Entertainment instead of Wrestling, than they are being hypocritical because there is more to entertainment than the show they put on.
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