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Re: Kofi Kingston Sucks

Originally Posted by Walk-In View Post
I don't want Kofi fired. It was just an example of a name that people might react to that could lite a fire under the asses of people so they stop being, as Skullbone put it, so "safe."
Ok, I see, I thought you wanted him gone and I tend to jump to the defence of those I think are being 'picked on'
It's a trait Ryback and I share
Originally Posted by Walk-In View Post
At the end of the day, the "wrestling" as in the actual moves might not matter like they used to but it's still about telling a story, even in the midcard.
I agree but classic storytelling and moves in a match on tv are not so important these days, matches seem to be a few moves, a bit of sell and then setting up later 'dramas'.
The fact that ADR beat down Orton after the show went off air and then it was only viewable on WWE website and discussed on Twitter etc says a lot about the direction the WWE is taking.
Originally Posted by -Skullbone- View Post
Fab Kangaroo (golly, what a username)
What a great tag team
Originally Posted by -Skullbone- View Post
The truth of the matter is that this generalised entertainment platform they hope to create is the direction WWE will be taking for years to come unless something radical stops them from doing so. I think that's an awful thing and will likely result in the closest thing that the WWE will ever experience to a near-death or possible fatalistic experience (yes, even surpassing that back in the mid nineties).
Yep, a "near-death or possible fatalistic experience" for 'wrestling'
Love them or hate them CM Punk and DB are 2 of the best 'wrestlers' around at the moment and they spend much more time 'entertaining' than they do 'wrestling'
The writings on the wall
Originally Posted by -Skullbone- View Post
...... away from professional wrestling into a deluge of ADHD-inspired booking and wrestling management, desperate celebrity and mainstream approval, and regurgitated Hollywood pap for the great unwashed and easily amused.
Larry King as Social Media ambassador ......... Larry King!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Save me

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