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Re: Shawn Michaels/Jose Lothario falling out?

Originally Posted by LeapingLannyPoffo View Post
I read about it a long time ago and it was Shawn being a prick as per usual routine and disrespecting his "manager" behind the curtain. An incident that stuck with me was when Shawn won the title and told Jose to get the fuck out of the ring while he celebrated.

Edit: Found it. Notice Shawn calls Earl over and whispers something to him and then Earl goes to Jose and you can see Jose throw his hand up in a disappointed way, then proceed to leave the ring after standing in there for about 15 seconds.

Yeah, that's pretty shitty. Never noticed that before, but I guess it's just wanting all the limelight like an egotistical piece of shit for his moment of glory.

Hell, Taker at Mania 23, while Batista was still in the ring tells the referee "Get his ass out of here." Same shit, after basking in the glory for many years before, just don't hear anyone mention that.

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