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let's see...

- Garrett Bischoff
- SHIT booking. Sorry everyone, but Bruce is a lousy booker.
-- Dragging the AJ-KazDan feud forever
--- Claire
-- Not going Roode-Storm for the title at BFG
-- Probably the worst built ME in a BFG or a WM for at least a decade... maybe ever.
-- As&8s storyline going absolutely nowhere and stagnating
-- X Div becoming an afterthought
-- And the tag div
-- And maybe the TV title and KOs too
- Ho Hogan

Originally Posted by R.Scorpio View Post
I know this will sound funny but I hope Hardy out pops Aries at BFG, because if he doesn't, Jeff in the mainevent will seem so unjustified.
At BFG last year, D.Lo Brown was out-popping him and Jarrett.

Hogan is WRESTLECRAP incarnate.

Things Impact must do to succeed*
[X] Hogan & Bischoff leaves TNA for good
[ ] All of the "Ring Oldies" retire from the ring
[X] Russo goes away
[?] Prichard-Lagana goes away
[ ] Impact implements a meaningful Drug Policy
[ ] Impact brings back 6 sides
[ ] Impact leaves the IZ forever *sigh*
[ ] Impact records only one episode per week

*Time to be rid of the last of the trash, namely Dixie Carter.
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