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Re: Kofi Kingston Sucks

Originally Posted by Walk-In View Post
This all spawned, initially, because I used Kofi as my example for someone that Vince McMahon could make an example out of.
Originally Posted by Walk-In View Post
Kofi is a WWE guy, trained by OVW & he doesn't know anything other than WWE style.
Why would Vince "make an example out of" (in a negative way) a wrestler who is a "WWE guy" ? That doesn't make sense
Originally Posted by Walk-In View Post
That's what the future is. A bunch of WWE trained guys working WWE seven minute, paint-by-the-numbers matches. Nothing new, exciting or innovative.
You want to see change (so do I) but sacking Kofi is not the way.
The WWE (and TNA) are heading in a new direction, it's all Twitter, Facebook, Tout etc now, that's where the numbers are.
It's no longer about the wrestling and it never will be again because wrestling doesn't sell, 'entertainment' and 'interaction' does (not that I think it's entertaining)
Originally Posted by Walk-In View Post
The reason I used Kofi is because he is the poster child of everything I hate about current WWE.
Ok, but I don't think it's fair to want Kofi sacked, he's just doing his job and it wouldn't change anything
Originally Posted by Walk-In View Post
"I would rather find another profession if I'm not going to be successful." - Jim Ross
Nice quote Jim but the glory days of 'wrestling' are over.
Now it's more important to the WWE to have a bogus Twitter competition to name a tag team than it is to put on a good match.
A 'quirky' teenage looking girl in charge of the show has more appeal to more viewers than a great set of moves.

Sorry, but that's the future and Kofi is not to blame

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