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Re: WWE Is Paying for the Last 8 Years

the root of the problem is vince

creative members have spoken out saying he surrounds himself with yes man, if someone does have a good idea it gets shot down or he gets fired, vince is a character, we all know that, plus the guy is old and out of touch

and then there's hhh who is the new "vince", and is slowly taking over, buries the entire roster saying he and only he is the only man on takers level

hhh/taker and hhh/lesnar served no purpose besides feeding his ego, that whole undertaker wrestlemania 28 storyline came off as hhh trying to appear to be on hbk/takers level, he wanted the fans to view him as on there level which he is not

and the broomstick comment, i mean how come its taking this long to get a 2.5, should of happened months if not years ago

its nice to see fans finally giving up on this company after years of abuse

whats his next move, let me guess
rush cena back, keep overworking punk, then both of them will become even more injured and worn out then they will be stuck with no true main eventer

then he calls lesnar/taker/rock/austin, all north of 40 for help meanwhile crapping on the entire roster

but you guys keep blaming the cowboys game, nice way to ignore the real problem
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