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Re: Kofi Kingston Sucks

Originally Posted by Striker View Post
Kofi Kingston:
- Charismatic
- Over
- Good in ring talent

Wow! What do you know, what mid card wrestler is supposed to be.

Why the hell would Kofi risk getting fired and not being able to support himself for no reason?

Do you know what the real world is? WWE is a JOB. Not a WWE simulator.

And guess what going above and beyond gets you. The Ryder treatment. Or AW treatment. Take your pick.
Well, I already addressed the "Ryder treatment." Calling Kofi a "Good in ring talent" is an opinion, not a fact, as I think the exact opposite. Why would someone aspire to just be average? That's the reason I posted the Jim Ross video. Is there anything you said in this post that I haven't already talked about? I even gave Kofi credit & acknowledged that he's over & carryable.

Eventually someone will show up that is hungry & goes above & beyond. Hell, Punk is where he is at now because he did so. It's no coincidence. But if the future is going to be more of the same, people only doing the bare minimum to keep their jobs, than they're in serious trouble.
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