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Re: What do you dislike most about your least faves?

Vickie - I'm not even sure this requires an explanation.

Tensai - Everything. Every single thing about him.

Cena - Buried Alex Riley's career over a petty backstage rib. I could deal with Cena until that came out, that's where I draw the line. But there are many other qualities about Cena that get on my nerves, and rightfully so. The highest of which would be his penchant for swearing but replacing the words with PG versions, replacing the WWE Championship, the Undisputed title, the greatest title ever with your bling bling piece of garbage that just WILL NOT go away, no matter how much people push for it because it sells merchandise, even Cena himself wants it gone, and finally, his continual main eventing over the WWE Championship on PPV's. The title is the most important thing, not you.

Orton - Absolutely no charisma at all. At ALL. And a whiner, any time somebody botches in a match against him, he whines and gets them fired or depushed.

Ziggler - Less stage presence than anyone I've ever seen. He stands out less than Colin Delaney and carries himself like he's a superstars jobber. Nothing about him says "I'm a star", he doesn't command attention. Terrible on the mic too.

Sheamus - His look. I can't take anybody seriously who looks like that, especially a main eventer. Not to mention he's terrible on the mic and he's NOT funny. He tries to be funny, and it's just Cena 2.0. Nobody can find him funny unless they're a child.

AJ - Terrrible actress, terrible, terrible, terrible mic work, horrible, goofy, ridiculous, unnatural facial expressions, and can't take anything seriously. Anybody who gets put on probation from the board of directors and comes out skipping needs to be released for not knowing how to do their job right.

Brock Lesnar - The worst speaker in the company, arguably. You don't have to wonder why they brought in Heyman if you watched that contract signing with Laurinaitis. That was beyond embarassing.

Ryback - A lame ass imitation of Goldberg. A VERY lame ass imitation, his entrance has nothing to it at all, it doesn't give you the impression he's a big deal, his moveset is awful, his attire looks ridiculous on somebody like him, he can't talk worth a damn (granted, Goldberg couldn't either but somehow he's different), he's nowhere near as strong as Goldberg, as evidenced by his struggling to lift Tensai on SmackDown, and then his failure to do so on Raw, twice, and no matter how much like Goldberg they try to make him, he just doesn't have "it", that natural factor that draws you in. Goldberg did, he doesn't.

Swagger - Daffy Duck lisp, no charisma, looks goofy, can't be taken seriously. Good for nothing but jobbing.

Heath Slater - He's pretty much just Swagger but without the lisp and the wrestling ability. Terribly annoying. Change the channel annoying, not traditional heel annoying.

Big Show - He just ruins everything. He's boring, he's overexposed, he can't work, and he destroys a lot of peoples momentum. It's his fault Barrett got injured too, fuck him for that. Who knows where he'd be now if not for that injury. My assumption is not any better off than where he is now, but you never know.

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