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Re: WWE Is Paying for the Last 8 Years

Originally Posted by 11rob2k View Post
Yes, Cena is the only full time guy who has any star power in the wwe and no one else will reach that level until they get a clean win over him, the wwe title means nothing now a clean win over Cena is the only thing that will get you over and up to Cenas level and Vince still wont let that happen, so we wont be seeing anyone getting up to the next leavel any time soon.
it's even sillier when thinking back how wrestlers like Stone Cold, The rock, HHH, all got beat clean many times yet look at them now. The only people who were booked like Cena are now un-employed or forgotten. I figure it's like the Hogan effect. Though Hogan was unbeatable most of his career (way more exceptions than Cena, and still very few clean loses) he was hella over. The WWE finally has someone who kids love the same way, and they don't want to let go. But how many people during the attitude era were getting beaten clean and still selling like crazy? it's like WWE is forgetting their own sales tactics.
Originally Posted by SideTableDrawer View Post
Vince let's his personal beliefs get in the way of business. There was a thread here about an ex-writer saying how creative have had some great ideas, but they get thrown out the window when analyzed by Vince. It's like Vince IS the creative team.
The old man is a cancer.
let's be fair. Vince did more for WWE than anyone, and he is to praise and blame for the current product. I don't think you can pin all the faults on him.
Originally Posted by TempestH View Post
They need to get rid of the "fuck the midcard" mentality, realize that not everyone has to be World Champion (even though the ones who prove themselves should be), and focus on trying to get the ENTIRE ROSTER over with the fans.
I agree with getting rid of the 'fuck the midcard' mentality. It's like after a a midcarders push, they'll feed him to Cena or Shemaus (or Ryback or Punk too) whenever their overness is low at the moment. Looking at it from a child's perspective these mid-carders all just blend in with each other; especially when compared to Cena and Sheamus.
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