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Re: Backstage News On Potential RR & WM 29 Plans

Originally Posted by Tyrion Lannister View Post
I fucking hate both of them and they're both established, so it doesn't matter who the fuck wins. I want a guy who hasn't won the belt to win it at Mania. Preferably one I like, by far, but I'd take some up and comer winning it over Orton or Sheamus, even if it's that shithead Ryberg. If Sheamus wins, who gives a fuck? Sheamus has been handed everything. If Orton wins, who gives a fuck? Orton has been handed everything. That match means nothing. No new star is created, nobody gets over, nobody benefits.

Plus, Orton being a heel would be terrible. Why do I want to see Orton be a heel when all the best up and comers are heels? Barrett, Sandow, etc. That only holds them back even further. WWE needs more stars. Seriously, do you have anything for us other than John Cena, CM Punk, Randy Orton, Sheamus, Big Show and Alberto Del Rio? Anything?
Wade Barrett. I still believe he will be a top heel soon. Yeah it sucks he is in squash matches and even against local guys. But they are building the guy up. Ryback did the same thing squash after squash after squash against local guys and lower card guys, now they have him teasing a feud with the WWE Champion (not now but down the line, probably TLC or Mania), even its because of Cena's health, they were going to have him in a program with the IC champion. And yeah he will lose but will continue to go up from there. I can't see why not the BOD wouldn't do the same with Barrett (either WWE Title or WHC scene).

And I am sure once he is back to singles competition (unfortunately for my nausea) Daniel Bryan will be up there. After Cena/Punk/Rock & Ziggler/Sheamus/Orton/Show whatever is over they probably put that loser back in one those scenes. The guy spent a year in the WHC/WWE picture and he is liked/hated by many fans now. Once this Team Hell No is over he will get a major push again (even though I don't like it).

And obviously Ryback for obvious reasons.
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