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re: Bound For Glory Discussion Thread

So far Im happy with how the card looks and the predicted ones seem accurate which also look good.

Austin Aries vs Jeff Hardy (World Championship)-The Build up has been ok with this, but I feel the match will deliver so no issues here.

James Storm vs Bobby Roode (FCA)-The build up has been for almost a year so this will be good. The match will definitely be great.

A & 8's vs Team TNA-They've been building up this for months now and the reveal better be good. The only leaders I'll accept are Bischoff, Jarrett or Bully Ray. Maybe its someone I haven't thought of that I'd like, but at BFG I want the leader and the members to be revealed, plus the match should be decent.

Triple Threat Tag Title Match-The build up for this has been decent aswell, the match will 100% deliver, may not be like the match at Slammy, but it'll still be a great match I have no doubt.

Tara vs Tessmacher (Knockouts Title)-I dunno why people are shitting on this match. Its the most interesting match they could've done with the whole teacher vs student storyline. The match will last 6 minutes tops. It wont be a classic, but it wont ruin the whole PPV. Tessmahcer's already beat Rayne & Gail Kim, so IMO a match with Tara or Mickie James is what I wouldve accepted for BFG.

Joe vs Magnus (TV Title)-This will almost definitely happen judging from the TV build. The build up has been good with the storyline of the former partners turned enemies. The match will also be great aswell, so thats another plus for this PPV.

X Division Championship-I dunno whats up with this but BFG needs an X Div. Title match. Preferably I'd have either a 3 Way Dutt/King/Ion, Ion/Sorensen (If he's healthy) OR Ion/TJ Perkins. Either of those 3 I'd accept really, I just want a Title defense.

Joey Ryan vs Al Snow-This is most likely gonna happen, so it should. Its been building up for months now and deserves to end at BFG. The match will be decent and will be used to finally, officially give Joey Ryan a contract.

They may also add a match with RVD or Anderson, but they may add them in the Aces & Eights/TNA match I dunno. If those 8 matches are the card for BFG I reckon it could be one of the best in all honestly. Not one match will be a Dud, and even ones some may feel will be (A & 8's/TNA, Tara/Tessmahcer, Ryan/Snow), all those matches have a decent storyline with them so I have no problems anyway, and the ones without a major storyline (X Div Title, Joe/Magnus, 3 Way Tag), will all be great matches anyway.

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