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Re: Officials Very High on Cesaro and See Money in him

Originally Posted by Tyrion Lannister View Post
I don't see money in him, at least not right now. If they think he has something then drop the 5 languages thing and give him some actual promos that show either what ability, or lack of, that he has. So far I'm unimpressed. Obviously he can wrestle just great but so can Tyson Kidd and there's no money in him, personality comes first. That gimmick is dead in the water, nobody cares how many languages you can speak. It's not even heelish, Rey Mysterio is bilingual, so what?

He needs to make some changes.

Drop the 5 languages thing as I said, it's not marketable, it's not a top level gimmick. If they want to do the "very European" thing, I guess that's fine. The anti-American foreigner thing has been done to death, but more so with characters from the Middle East, Russia, Japan, etc.

Swiss Death should be his finisher, not his setup, but his actual finisher on anybody that he can physically throw in the air. If he runs into somebody like Clay, that's when he wins with the Gotch Style Neutralizer, or if he runs into somebody like Big Show who he can't do the Neutralizer on (I would assume), have a 3'rd finisher. Maybe a move off the top rope, maybe a submission, something. I'm sure this will NOT be a difficult task for somebody who's been in ROH.

Finally, he should make a change to his look. Those thigh straps have got to go, they look so stupid. Give him kneepads like he had in FCW for a while.

All of that is drastically going to help his overall image and get people to take him more seriously.
This. He needs to drop that awful gimmick. It's stupid and why should we boo it? Exactly.
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